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A Review of the Platform Economy Report

Find a comprehensive review of the evolution of the Platform Economy, from the emergence of the
Sharing Economy to Web 3 environment and a glimpse of where we are going,
with a proposal for a new economic model regenerative by design.

Enjoy it!

Plataform Economy

It’s a new mindset and an innovation in business models.

With the advent of the sharing economy, platforms have become more complex, linking multiple entities, standardizing transactions, and pooling some services. These platforms have expanded their value proposition by including insurance, financing, and banking services while creating ecosystems of third-party applications that enable producers to accomplish their work more efficiently, conveniently, and affordably in a single location.
Platform strategies make sense in bureaucratic, high barriers of entry and disaggregated markets.

According to the World Economic Forum, 70% of new value created in the economy over the next decade will be based on digitally enabled platform business models.

In its nature is a compelling ecosystem value-creation-coordination model that, used well, can generate a distributed and significant positive impact, thanks to network effects.

Empowering Progress, Unleashing Potential:

Where Platform Economy Meets Regenerative Designs!

Generative Desing

Regenerate damaged ecosystems or as a design principle

Regenerative design, which goes one step beyond sustainability, is the term used to describe processes that regenerate damaged ecosystems or as a design principle.

The purpose of regeneration is the same as the purpose of life itself, to create the right conditions for all life to thrive and flourish.

Regenerative design is inspired by how living systems work to learn from and imitate them, and thus find solutions to problems that we encounter as humans and that nature has already solved before.

How can we create platform strategies applying regenerative design principles for regeneration?


design principles

Systems should be viewed as wholes. None of them operates independently, they are interdependent and nested In other systems
Adapts and reorganizes in an environment that continuously involves
During the interEmergence refers to properties or behaviors which emerge only when entities interact in a wider wholeview you will be asked if you have any questions. Be prepared to ask questions
The inherent quality or character of an entity than can be expressed in a given context
The never ending process of growing as an individual and professional in ever-changing conditions
We are relations social beings constantly interacting with others and our environment


Run your own life and Business

Technology innovation, smartphone and internet penetration together with some conjunctural shifts — climate change awareness, unemployment rise, the boredom of dependent relationships, independent workers increment, etc – are creating a «Run your own life and Business» scenario thanks to the wide range on apps and platforms that allow independent workers to be autonomous while generating incomes.

Broken value chains made us realize that depending on international value chains was no longer an option, globalization is coming to an end, and we will need to come back to the territory. Where the most interesting opportunities for regeneration are.

If we think of our territory from a platform point of view, we will discover that the interactions already exist and we do need to find out what they’re already doing, find your role in it and make it easy.

Platform Economy Evolution


Cooperative platforms







The continuous and rapid emergence of new business opportunities in places and ways we never thought of, ever-changing consumer behaviors, habits and beliefs, technology innovation and unexpected scenarios require a shift to a new mindset: an ecosystemic approach that helps to flourish and implement new platform models to allow regeneration.


I have been giving lectures in Public and Private Organizations, Universities and Business Schools for more than 10 years around the topics of Platform Economy and Platform Design, Sharing Economy, Regenerative Design and new emerging trends.

Sometimes is just a question of opening the eyes to a new reality of business models innovation, inspiring to take action.


Starting a business or innovate a current one is a continuous journey of learning and iteration, where implementation and strategic decisions are part of the day to day.

You will be supported by an expert in the field, that have accompanied other companies in the process of architecting platform business models, constantly updated about new trends and what others are doing internationally with a close network of trusted and international professionals.

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