Regenerative Platform Business Models

The next generation of platforms What I am going to talk about today is a concept of natural and organic evolution that fits with our inner desires to “do good”, to take care of our living systems, of ourselves and our peers, with love and compassion, as if everything matters, coming back to our roots […]

What Regenerative Tourism is?

Live system vs Mechanistic system We live in a lively and complex dynamic system, whose interconnected parts work together with a superior objective repeating a series of patterns. Nature has its own laws for regeneration or restoration that allows it to learn, restore and evolve, ensuring the sustainability of the entire ecosystem in a mutually […]

Tourism as a catalyst for territorial regeneration

Tourism is one of humanity’s most ancient activities, the first civilizations used to travel to satisfy their curiosity and trade. Also, in the religious field, the pilgrims were the first example of travels by people who visited popular destinations like La Mecca. But tourism has had a colonialist resemblance for years, and the tourist a […]