I help private and public organizations, entrepreneurs, NGO's to build the capabilities in acquiring the strategic vision to design and implement regenerative platform business models.


Starting a business or innovate a current one is a continuous journey of learning and iteration, where implementation and strategic decisions are part of the day to day.

You will be supported by an expert in the field, that have accompanied other companies in the process of architecting platform business models, constantly updated about new trends and what others are doing internationally with a close network of trusted and international professionals.

Values drive me:




Triple bottom line driven + Purpose


The continuous and rapid emergence of new business opportunities in places and ways we never thought of. Ever-changing consumer behaviors, habits and beliefs, technology innovation and unexpected scenarios require a shift to a new mindset: an ecosystemic approach that helps to flourish and implement new platform models for a new paradigm.

-Building the internal capabilities to think systemic.

- An ongoing partnership with real talk guidance and support.

- Connecting to emerging market trends and identifying the most significant opportunities to each sector.

- A closer network of trusted professionals.

- International connections


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